2013-07-02 07:34:41

Cinnamon 3 is live - you can download it from the Cinnamon SourceForge page.

Cinnamon is an enterprise CMS (not: a web CMS) which allows you to create and manage complex modular technical documentation - for example version safe authoring of a repair handbook for a truck with thousands of build combinations (different motors, transmission system, axles, chassis, electronic systems etc) and multiple languages. It's also suitable for document management workflows (with Word / Excel / PDF files) and you can store and search all kinds of data and files.

The new version is based completely on the Grails framework and marks the transition from a custom servlet solution to the use of a large and stable framework which offers higher maintainability, faster production time and easier extensibility.

The source code for the server and its dependencies is available from the Github repositories:

You can use Cinnamon as a standalone application, installed in a servlet container of your choice (for example, Apache Tomcat or Jetty) - or you can embed it into your own applications. It is a Grails plugin, so you can easily reuse all the features of a powerful enterprise CMS.

There is also a VMware virtual machine available: you can download the Cinnamon-Server-VM, which contains a ready-to-run server on an Ubuntu / PostgreSQL system. By using the desktop client, you can connect to this VM and experiment without having to do a manual install of the server code.

Cinnamon is licensed under the LGPL 2.1 (or later), included open source libraries may have different (compatible) licenses. So you can use Cinnamon for free in your commercial and non-commercial software.