2016-11-04 16:53:27

The Cinnamon Portable Edition is a way to run a full version of Cinnamon on your Windows desktop without installing any software or configuring your environment in any way.

The current version for download at the Cinnamon's SourceForge.net project page is really outdated, so I have put together a new version. It's a little rough on the edges and does not include a DITA renderer at the moment, but it has all the features of the most recent Cinnamon version.

Download the zip archive of Cinnamon Portable 3.7, use right-click to set the is-secure flag on the properties page (otherwise Windows holds all contained code as suspicious and you cannot run the programs). Then unpack the archive and read the Getting-Started.html page.

Note: the server's background Java process tends to stick around even after termination. You may need to end it via the task-manager.

If you need help or want to provide feedback, please write me an email (ingo_wiarda@dewarim.de


Cinnamon Portable 3.7 Preview edition checksums (to verify the integrity of your downloaded files):

md5sum: 03e1625fe57a58157a43d9b81ea4dbf7

sha256sum: 77de5c153ad34b78c0d044a68a9efd \ b227afbee173a39625c95b429c8ef263b5